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The Merrion, Dublin

With the preservation of the historic structure and Dublin landmark always at the forefront of our minds, we found a way to integrate our passionate dedication to the young 21st-century creators of modern Ireland -- all of whom we had previously scouted for the body of creatives known as ‘The Irish Collection’ -- and I believe we successfully achieved showcasing their creations in one of the most well-known settings in the country. It was our ability to listen closely to our clients and translate our vision to them in a way that eventually awarded the studio the opportunity to advocate for artistry in this famous Dublin landmark that will go on to inspire creatives in Ireland for a long time to come. . In our determination to show fierce integrity to the original structure, the project became one of the most celebrated expressions of Irish craftsmanship and resource efficiency of 2017. Our studio integrated our clear vision for sophistication and flair within tight constraints -- paving the way for another 20 years of distinguished work.